Group Sales

Establishments (i.e., bars, restaurants, and other companies) can pay for its employees to use the Way To Serve website training in three ways.

  1. The establishment can give employees a corporate credit card number to enter on the Way To Serve website to pay for the training.
  2. The establishment can reimburse employees after they use their own credit card to pay for the training.
  3. The establishment can set up a corporate account with Wedge Communications LLC, the provider of Way To Serve, to pay for its employees to get the training.

Depending on the volume, the price per training for an establishment will be discounted if it purchases two or more trainings in a group.

Email accounting@wedgecommunication.com or call 800-918-9242 for additional information and corporate account options.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Group Sales

What forms of payment can I use under a corporate account?
Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express or incremental billing are all acceptable forms of payment.

If I set up a corporate account, how will my employees be able to utilize the website without paying at the time of training?

In most instances, you will be given a list of secure codes generated specifically for your organization that you distribute to your employees. The codes are made for a one-time use on the website. Each code has an identifier unique to your organization, as well as random set of letters and numbers so that they would be difficult for someone other than your employees to guess.

Your organization, not the Way To Serve website, is responsible for securing and distributing the codes once received. If a code is used, your organization will be charged for the training, regardless of whether the person using the code is one of your employees.

How do you secure the codes?

They can be sent in a password protected Excel file. If Excel is not an option for your organization other options can be discussed.

Is there a time limit for corporate purchases?
The codes you purchase are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Will we be charged even if our employee doesn't pass the training?
Yes, we charge for each employee who uses a code. As the Terms of Use indicate, there is no credit for failure to pass the tests. However, employee can review the modules and take the test over again. They will not be certified by the state until they complete all the training modules and pass all the tests in Way To Serve.

How do I know if an employee has taken and passed the training?
Individuals can print a copy of a certificate from the Way To Serve website once they have finished all the training modules and passed all the tests. Way To Serve will notify the state staff when an employee has finished the training and passed the test. In some states, the state government sends a permanent certificate to the server. In those cases, a temporary certificate is issued by Way To Serve when training is completed.

Is there a time limit for the course?
Individuals have up to one month to complete the training.

Which of my employees can be trained?

Depending on the state, persons must be a certain age in order to be trained and serve or sell alcohol. For instance, in New Mexico, persons must be 19 years of age or older to be trained in responsible alcohol service and certified by the state to serve alcohol on premise (i.e., by the drink). If your employees do not meet this minimum age and complete the Way To Serve training, they will not receive a certificate to serve alcohol. Employees must provide personal information, such as their driver's license number, to enroll in Way To Serve and this information will be used to verify their age before issuing a certificate.

Warning: If an employee does not meet the minimum age and still pays to use Way To Serve using your corporate credit card or a code we provide to you, that payment or code will not be refunded.